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Fine Handcrafted Kitchen Knives



At Primeaux Handcrafted Cutlery, we blend art and science with engineering, creating kitchen knives that are an extension of a chef's hand. Our holistic approach elevates the cooking experience through classical refinement and hi-performance tooling.

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"Impeccable craftsmanship. Worth every penny. The integrity that Primeaux displays in every aspect of their craft and business is unrivaled. I won't buy other knives ever again."

Ben E.

"I have been lusting after a knife from John for years and Primeaux has made that possible. I purchased an 8.5" chef knife with a black maple handle that is aesthetically and functionally gorgeous. It's the best knife I have ever used and also an absolute workhorse. I'm confident I'll be passing it on to my kiddo, and will certainly be filling the rest of my roll with Primeaux products."

Matt C.

This knife is hands-down the nicest and sharpest knife I own. When you pick it up, it carries a nice weight and you can tell it’s of a much higher quality.

Josh C.

Working as a chef over the last 20+ years... The knives are beautifully made, hold a sharp edge, and the attention to details make it a very comfortable knife to grip in your hand. John and his team are making some of the best knives out there! I highly recommend them for a great knife that you’ll be proud to own as well!

Aaron S.

I adore my santoku knife. It is not only a beautiful piece of artwork, but the most versatile knife I have in my kitchen.

Sarah S