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Primeaux- Frequently Asked Questions

What is Primeaux?

Primeaux, (pronounced Pree-Moh) is comprised of a team of artists, innovators and engineers that are designing professional-quality handcrafted cutlery & cookware.

Where are you located? Can I come visit your shop?

We are proudly located in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. We are open for visits M-F by appointment only & reachable by email here.

Do you make all your own steels at your shop?

 No, we do not make *all* of our steels but we use a variety of the highest grade steel and materials.
One of our favorites is a Swedish powdered steel company, Damasteel. It is incredibly strong and sharp. If you wish to learn more, Damasteel has a Virtual Damasteel Chef Invitational (DCI) -a knife competition coming in November 2022 & John Phillips of Primeaux and Phillips Forged will be participating. In past years, he has won the Best in Show, Best Bread Knife two years consecutively. You can get your free tickets to the DCI here.

I live internationally but I don't see shipping available to me. Are you shipping internationally?

International shipping is currently not available at this time but will be soon. ;)

I really want to get into knife-making, play with Damascus steel, and learn more about blacksmithing and metal work. Do you have any suggestions for me?

Our conductor & CEO, John Phillips/Phillips Forged often posts behind the scenes content on his website and Instagram. The Society of Inclusive Blacksmiths is committed to building equity and diversity in the field of blacksmithing. They offer mentorship opportunities, connections to educational and other resources, and special events that empower and support our blacksmith community while reducing the social and economic barriers to metal work.

Q. Your Primeaux logo with the hand is interesting. What does it mean?

It is called the Prithvi Mudra & it means "The vast one" in Sanskrit and it is used as the symbol of the Earth element in Ayurveda. It defines physical grace, health, vitality and beauty.