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Claro Walnut Kiritsuke

Damascus and Claro Walnut Kiritsuke (K-Tip) designed for unmatched precision, ease of use, and comfort. The blade is finely honed for effortless slicing, making it feel like an extension of your hand. The handle of this model is 10% smaller than our standard offerings at Primeaux, providing a superior grip with its Claro Walnut construction and black anodized bolster.

Crafted with a 7" Raindrop San Mai Damascus blade featuring VG10 stainless steel, it offers excellent durability and edge retention, while its raindrop pattern provides elegance. Engineered for efficiency, it's perfect for professional chefs and home cooks seeking to enhance their culinary skills.

Blade Type: Kiritsuke (K-tip)
Overall Length:
Blade Length: 7"
Heel Height: 

Blade Material: Raindrop San Mai Damascus VG10 Stainless Steel
Handle Material: Claro Walnut
Bolster Material: Black Anodized Aluminum

Sale price$450.00 USD
Claro Walnut Kiritsuke
Claro Walnut Kiritsuke Sale price$450.00 USD