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Jade Monolith Santoku

Introducing the Jade Monolith Santoku, an exquisite blend of Jade G-10 and antique bronze, crafted for both elegant aesthetics and peak performance.

The Santoku, renowned for its multi-purpose functionality, excels at slicing, dicing, and mincing with precision. Its straight edge and balanced proportions make it ideal for making clean cuts through vegetables, meats, and fish. The blade's design allows for easy scooping of chopped ingredients to transfer them from board to pan, enhancing its utility in any culinary setting.

The handle of this Santoku is crafted from Jade G-10, a material praised for its high mechanical strength and durability, characteristics vital in the demanding environments of both professional kitchens and home cooking. This ensures the knife's resilience and longevity, while its sophisticated appearance adds a touch of modern elegance.

Jade, revered in various cultures for symbolizing wisdom, luck, and prosperity, lends its tranquil green hue to the handle, invoking calmness and a deep connection to nature, enhancing the culinary preparation experience. As part of the Jade Monolith Series, this Santoku merges the timeless allure of traditional aesthetics with advanced materials, creating a kitchen tool that is not only highly functional but also a stunning piece of art. The handle is designed with careful consideration for weight and balance at the bolster to provide superior control and comfort during use.

Sale price$400.00 USD
Jade Monolith Santoku
Jade Monolith Santoku Sale price$400.00 USD