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Jade Monolith Mini-Cleaver

Introducing the Jade Monolith Mini-Cleaver, a robust blend of Jade G-10 and antique bronze, crafted for both striking aesthetics and unmatched functionality.

This Mini-Cleaver, with its substantial weight and design, excels in heavy-duty tasks such as chopping tough meats, mincing herbs, and breaking down vegetables. The broad blade is not only perfect for slicing through dense ingredients but also adept at finely mincing herbs and smaller items. The flat side of the blade serves as an effective tool for crushing and scooping chopped ingredients efficiently. Its versatile design is optimized to handle rigorous kitchen demands, enhancing its utility with every chop.

The handle of this Mini-Cleaver is crafted from Jade G-10, a material renowned for its exceptional strength and durability, commonly used in high-performance electronics for its robust insulation properties. This not only ensures the knife's longevity but also infuses it with a modern elegance. Part of the Jade Monolith Series, this Mini-Cleaver marries traditional charm with cutting-edge materials, making it as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. The handle is pleasantly weighted and balanced at the base of the bolster for optimal control during use.

In cultural contexts, jade represents wisdom, luck, and prosperity, and its calming green hue brings a sense of tranquility and connection to nature right into your kitchen.

Sale price$300.00 USD
Jade Monolith Mini-Cleaver
Jade Monolith Mini-Cleaver Sale price$300.00 USD