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Jade Monolith 10" Slicer in Damascus

Introducing the Damascus Steel Jade Monolith 10" Slicer in AUS10 Stainless steel. 

This highly sought-after blade has been a top request from our customers.

At 250mm, or nearly 10 inches, it excels at breaking down meats, slicing through large heads of lettuce, and cutting into freshly baked bread. Its extended length makes it the perfect tool for reaching any task with ease. Based on the elegant design of a Japanese Yanagiba knife, but with a modern, western-style double bevel and our exclusive Primeaux handle with pinch grip bolster will add a touch of luxury to your kitchen collection.

This knife's handle is made from Jade G-10, a material prized in the electronics industry for its robust insulation properties and high mechanical strength, ensures durability and resistance, making this knife a reliable tool for rigorous kitchen demands. Commonly found in the guts of high-performance electronics, its application in our knife handles offers not only a touch of modern sophistication but also a testament to its proven resilience.

The Jade Monolith Series stands at the intersection of tradition and innovation, seamlessly blending timeless grace with the advanced capabilities of modern materials to create a chef knife that is as durable as it is beautiful.

This piece features a pleasantly weighted handle and the balance point still lies at the base of the aged bronze bolster.

Sale price$500.00 USD
Jade Monolith 10" Slicer in Damascus
Jade Monolith 10" Slicer in Damascus Sale price$500.00 USD