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Farmhouse Ripple Mini-Cleaver in Damascus

Introducing the Damascus Steel Farmhouse Ripple Mini-Cleaver in AUS10 Stainless steel. 

A mini-cleaver is perfect for tackling tough jobs in the kitchen with style and efficiency.

Its broad, hefty blade excels at anything you need. Not just for meats, this versatile tool can also handle chopping hard vegetables like squash and root crops, delivering clean cuts with ease. Additionally, the mini-cleaver can double as a handy tool for crushing garlic or ginger, making it an indispensable ally for adventurous cooks who love robust flavors and hearty meals.

Only one piece is available.

Crafted with a vision to merge contemporary and rustic elements, the Farmhouse Ripple series seamlessly integrates clean, sharp lines and a soft, weathered texture. Its stunning blue milk paint finish embodies the peaceful tones of southern skies and meandering rivers, anchoring the collection in the serene beauty of Appalachia. This line embodies the architectural and aesthetic values of our region while exuding its welcoming essence and storied past.

Our sturdy signature Farmhouse Ripple Cherry Wood handle is paired with an aged bronze bolster and provides a luxurious hand-feel. The Damascus stainless steel blade, carefully finished with a gently rounded spine, ensures a comfortable grip that avoids any discomfort during use, making it safe and pleasant for any hand. This premium design combines elegance with practicality for a superior cutting experience.

Sale price$415.00 USD
Farmhouse Ripple Mini-Cleaver in Damascus
Farmhouse Ripple Mini-Cleaver in Damascus Sale price$415.00 USD