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Farmhouse Ripple K-Tip

Introducing the Farmhouse Ripple Kiritsuke (K-Tip) in Cherry Wood and antique bronze.
The word Kiritsuke means “slit open” in Japanese. The traditional version of this kitchen knife features a single bevel, straight edge blade and a flat, sword-like front end. It is traditionally used for slicing, dicing, and intricate vegetable work. The Kiritsuke knife is known for its versatility and is a favorite among professional chefs for its ability to handle various kitchen tasks effectively.

John crafted the Farmhouse Ripple line with a vision to meld the contemporary with the rustic, artfully integrating sharp, clean lines with a soft, weathered texture.

The serene blue milk paint finish evokes the peaceful hues of southern skies and flowing rivers, grounding the collection in the tranquil beauty typical of Appalachia. This line not only reflects the architectural and aesthetic values of our region but also embodies its welcoming spirit and rich history.

Our signature Ripple Cherry Wood handle paired with an aged bronze bolster provides a luxurious hand-feel and sturdy construction. The stainless steel blade, designed with a gently rounded spine, ensures a comfortable grip that avoids any discomfort during use, making it safe and pleasant for any hand. This premium design combines elegance with practicality for a superior cutting experience.

There isn't any other knife like this on the market, so it would be a wise choice to add it to your collection.

Sale price$350.00 USD
Farmhouse Ripple K-Tip
Farmhouse Ripple K-Tip Sale price$350.00 USD