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Farmhouse Ripple 7-Piece Set in Damascus

Introducing the Primeaux Farmhouse Ripple series, where modern sophistication meets rustic charm. Meticulously crafted with precision, this series features clean, defined lines and an artfully antiqued, weathered texture. It adds a touch of timeless elegance to any kitchen, seamlessly blending contemporary style with a cozy farmhouse aesthetic.

The captivating blue milk paint finish evokes the tranquil tones of southern skies, farm fresh eggs and meandering rivers, rooted in the serene beauty of Appalachia. 

Each handle is crafted with elegant, hand-carved Ripple lines, providing a tactile experience reminiscent of holding a handmade mug. These knives transform everyday meal prep into a luxurious sensory delight, feeling amazing in your hands with every use.

This entire collection embodies the architectural and aesthetic values of our Appalachian region, exuding a welcoming essence and rich history. The sturdy Farmhouse Ripple Cherry Wood handle is complemented by an aged bronze bolster, providing a luxurious touch. The carefully finished Damascus stainless steel blade boasts a gently rounded spine for a comfortable grip, ensuring a safe and pleasant cutting experience. This premium design marries sophistication with practicality, delivering an unparalleled cutting experience.

This is the ultimate kitchen knife collection of our Farmhouse Ripple 7-Piece Set in stainless AUS 10 Damascus steel. This set includes our exquisite Slicer, Chef, Santoku, Kiritsuke, Petty, Mini-Cleaver, and Paring knives.

Only one 7-piece set available.

Sale price$2,800.00 USD
Farmhouse Ripple 7-Piece Set in Damascus
Farmhouse Ripple 7-Piece Set in Damascus Sale price$2,800.00 USD