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Knife Sharpening Kit

Introducing the Primeaux Knife Sharpening Kit, a comprehensive and elite solution designed for the discerning home chef who values precision in knife care. This top-tier kit is meticulously crafted to cater to all your knife sharpening and maintenance needs, ensuring your blades are always in prime condition.


+ Dual-Grit Whetstone (1000/6000 Grits): At the heart of our kit is a premium quality dual-sided whetstone, offering both 1000 and 6000 grits. The 1000 grit side efficiently sharpens dull blades, restoring their edge, while the 6000 grit side polishes and refines the edge for a razor-sharp finish.

+ Supporting Rail for Angle Guidance: To aid beginners and ensure consistent results, the kit includes a supporting rail that provides precise angle guidance, making the sharpening process effortless and accurate.

+ Cut Resistant Gloves: Safety is paramount in knife care. Our kit features high-quality cut-resistant gloves, providing you with the confidence and protection needed when handling sharp blades.

+ Mini Flattening Stone: To maintain the longevity and effectiveness of your whetstone, the kit comes with a mini flattening stone. This essential tool keeps your whetstone flat and ensures even wear.

+ 2oz Primeaux Pantry Potion: This unique blend of knife blade and handle protectant oil is not just a maintenance tool but a safeguard for your knives. Infused with anti-microbial tea tree and rosemary, it not only protects your knife but also ensures it's hygienically safe for food preparation.

+ Anti-Slip Whetstone Mat: No more slipping or sliding during the sharpening process. Our anti-slip mat ensures your whetstone stays firmly in place, providing a stable and secure sharpening experience.

+ Non-Slip Bamboo Base: Elegance meets functionality with our bamboo base. This durable and eco-friendly base not only holds the whetstone securely but also adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen.

Whether you're a professional chef or a home cooking enthusiast, the Primeaux Knife Sharpening Kit is the perfect companion for ensuring your knives are always sharp, safe, and ready for any culinary challenge. Elevate your knife care routine with Primeaux - where precision meets perfection.

Sale price$60.00 USD
Knife Sharpening Kit Sale price$60.00 USD