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Damasteel Drakkar Gyuto in Fordite

This one-of-a-kind hybrid blade combines the tall heel and flat belly of the Kiritsuke knife with the gently sloping tip and light rock of our French-style chef knife. The combination makes this chef's knife excellent for any task in the kitchen, from chopping onions to gently cutting herbs. It is expertly ground very thin, allowing it to move through many kitchen tasks effortlessly. The handle is made from  "fordite," a de from thin layers of automotive paint. Salvaged from inside a retired factory in Indiana, it forms in clusters from buildups of paint overspray on the walls and floors of the building. The blade, forged from premium Drakkar pattern stainless Damasteel, is designed to resemble the exposed wooden sides of a weathered Viking ship.

Blade Type: Gyuto
Overall Length: 13"
Blade Length: 7.75"
Heel Height: 2.25"
Blade Material: Stonewash Drakkar Damasteel
Handle Material: Fordite
Bolster Material: Polished Bronze

Sale price$1,500.00 USD