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Damasteel Boning in Rippled Fordite

This is a unique piece forged from Drakkar Damasteel patterned stainless steel. This knife breaks down fish, beef, poultry, or pork. It incorporates two distinct safety enhancements: a plunge approximately 1/2 inch from the handle effectively prevents your hands from accidentally sliding onto the blade. The second feature is our rippled handle, which is soft in the hand while providing enough texture to help retain a firm grip, whether greasy or wet. The handle is made of "fordite," a material made from thin layers of automotive paint. Salvaged from inside a retired factory in Indiana, it forms in clusters from buildups of paint overspray on the walls and floors of the building.

Blade Type: Boning
Overall Length: 12.5"
Blade Length: 7.25"
Heel Height: 1"
Blade Material: Stonewash Drakkar Damasteel
Handle Material: Textured Fordite
Bolster Material: Polished Bronze

Sale price$1,200.00 USD