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Feathered Damascus Mini-Cleaver in Black Palm

This mini cleaver showcases a feather pattern Damascus blade crafted from Japanese VG10 stainless steel, merging aesthetic elegance with practical functionality. Its handle, made from speckled black palm wood and complemented by an anodized black bolster, adds sleek sophistication to its appearance. Designed as an all-purpose knife, it excels in various tasks, from smashing garlic to chopping pork. The blade's superior geometry and smoothly rounded spine enhance safety and ease of use, ensuring efficient and precise cuts for any culinary requirement.

Blade Type: Mini-Cleaver
Overall Length: 9.5”
Blade Length: 4.375”
Heel Height: 2.3125”
Blade Material: Feathered Damascus from VG-10 Stainless
Handle Material: Black Palm
Bolster Material: Black Anodized Aluminum

Sale price$450.00 USD