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Stonewash K-tip in Jade G10

The introduction of Jade G10 into our collection of materials has quickly become a favorite. This dense and durable resin polymer material offers the tactile sensation of natural stone while visually resembling delicate glass or jade stone. The handle is finished with a subtle glass bead blast, providing a smooth texture that ensures grip without slipperiness. The material's density lends the knife a substantial feel, catering to those who favor a weightier tool in their culinary endeavors. John has complemented the Jade G10 with an aged bronze bolster and a stone-washed AEBL stainless steel blade, heat-treated to a hardness of 61 HRC, striking a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Blade Type: K-tip
Overall Length: 13.375”
Blade Length: 8.5”
Heel Height: 2.25”
Blade Material: Stonewash AEB-L stainless
Handle Material: Jade G-10
Bolster Material: Antiqued Bronze

Sale price$450.00 USD