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Stonewash K-tip in Curly Narra

John crafted this knife with practicality, emphasizing a super lightweight and easily maneuverable design that feels almost like it's floating in your hand. It's particularly suited for environments with limited space, allowing for precise control. With a medium-thickness grind, this knife excels at cutting through harder vegetables and firm meats, fulfilling other basic kitchen needs. The transition from the anodized aircraft aluminum bolster to the Curly Narra wood handle is seamless, marrying functionality with elegance.

Blade Type: K-tip
Overall Length: 13.375”
Blade Length: 8.5”
Heel Height: 2.25”
Blade Material: Stonewash AEB-L Stainless
Handle Material: Curly Narra
Bolster Material: Black Anodized Bolster

Sale price$400.00 USD