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Sawtooth Damascus Petty in Thuya Burl

This design has become a staple in John's kitchen, making it one of the most frequently used knives in recent years. For this exclusive one-of-a-kind petty knife, John chose his preferred Damascus patterned steel, pairing it with one of his favorite materials for the handle, Thuya burl. This wood is not only visually striking but also emits a delightful "pepper" scent, akin to the aroma of fresh-cut cedar or juniper. The Thuya burl, scientifically known as Thuja plicata, contains oils with antimicrobial properties, offering a natural disinfecting quality to the handle. While this feature contributes to the knife's hygiene, regular cleaning after use is still recommended.

Blade Type: Petty
Overall Length: 11.625”
Blade Length: 6.5”
Heel Height: 1.5”
Blade Material: Sawtooth Damascus from VG-10 Stainless
Handle Material: Thuya Burl
Bolster Material: Antiqued Bronze

Sale price$450.00 USD