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Shadow Claw Chef Knife

Sale price$600.00

The Shadow Claw Chef Knife is a must-have for anyone serious about cooking. This Chef knife is a versatile tool that will make your kitchen work easier, more enjoyable and comforting. It is perfect for slicing, dicing, and chopping.

Here are some of the features of the Primeaux Shadow Claw Chef Knife:

  • 8.5-inch blade made from high-quality Matte-Finished AEBL Steel
  • 13.5-inch overall length
  • 24 hour Midnight Matte finished AEBL Steel blade provides a sleek and modern look as well as corrosion resistance
  • Claro walnut burl handle for a beautiful and durable grip
  • Matte Black anodized bolster for a touch of sophistication 
  • Primeaux Pinch Grip bolster fits your thumb perfectly making it well-balanced and comfortable to hold for hours of work in the kitchen
  • Sharp enough to easily cut through meat and vegetables
  • Perfect for anyone who wants a sharp, powerful and versatile tool to last a lifetime
Shadow Claw Chef Knife
Shadow Claw Chef Knife Sale price$600.00