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Stonewash Chef with Black Anodized (Obsidian Shadow)

Sale price$425.00

Introducing the Stonewash Chef's knife, the Obsidian Shadow, a tool that transcends standard kitchenware. This 8.5" utilitarian blade, distinguished by its deep obsidian tones and stonewashed finish, is a testament to refinement and is designed for those who take their cooking seriously. The handle, crafted from 6000 series aircraft-grade aluminum with a durable hard-coat black anodization, offers a sleek, uninterrupted form that feels comfortable in the hand and promises a seamless union between the chef and the tool.

The blade is a marvel of craftsmanship, made from dark stonewashed AEBL steel that combines vanadium and carbide for unparalleled sharpness and durability. Its unique blend of materials and finish lend it flexibility, offering a nod to both sci-fi fantasy and classical refinement. It's a tool built for performance that celebrates its artistry and design and invites you to create within the cooking space.