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Midnight Oak Chef

Meet the Midnight Oak Zenith Chef Knife.

The chef knife is indispensable for a wide range of tasks in the kitchen, from chopping and slicing vegetables to cutting through various types of meats. Its larger size and balanced weight make it perfect for handling substantial ingredients and executing diverse culinary techniques with precision. It excels in dicing, mincing, and creating uniform cuts, making it essential for professional and home kitchens alike. Additionally, the chef knife's versatility extends beyond food preparation, serving as a fundamental tool for larger tasks such as quartering chickens or slicing large fruits and bread.

John created this one-of-a-kind chef knife as part of the Founder's Series. The oak wood handle ensures a comfortable, secure grip, enhancing the knife’s utility while adding a rich, warm aesthetic. Complemented by the midnight anodized bolsters, the knife not only provides robust functionality but also stands out as a piece of art, bringing sophistication and elegance to any culinary setting. He envisioned it as a set along with the Midnight Oak Kiritsuke and the Midnight Oak Petty.

Sale price$400.00 USD
Midnight Oak Chef
Midnight Oak Chef Sale price$400.00 USD