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Stonewash Petty with Claro Walnut (Maverick)

Sale price$275.00

Our 6.5" Petty Knife, the Maverick, is engineered for precision and good looks. Its grey stonewashed AEBL steel blade makes effortless work of herbs, garlic, and delicate fruits. The flat black bolster adds a smooth transition, visually and physically connecting the blade to the handle. 

The milled, finished, and refined Claro walnut handle offers a comfortable grip that enhances the knife's overall performance and control, slowly enriching its color with time and experience. The Maverick is more than a petty knife; it's a tool that encourages you to embrace the process, transforming ordinary ingredients into extraordinary dishes. The Petty is a knife designed for those who see cooking as an art form to be shared and enjoyed with others.