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Jade Grosserosen Gyuto

Sale price$1,800.00

  • Steel: Forged from stainless Grosserosen Damasteel, renowned for its sharpness, resilience, and distinctive pattern
  • Price: $1800, a one-of-a-kind piece
  • Handle: The Bead blasted Jade G-10 handle combines durability with a secure grip, ensuring comfort and control during extended use.
  • Bolster: The polished bronze bolster not only adds elegance but also enhances the knife's balance for precision tasks.
  • Blade Length: A 7.5-inch (195mm) blade, perfect for the home chef and professional cook alike.
  • Overall Length: Measuring 12.75 inches (325mm), this knife offers ample length for a variety of cutting techniques.
  • Heel Height: The substantial 2.3-inch (60mm) heel height makes this knife particularly adept at handling larger and tougher ingredients.
  • Functionality: John Phillips' unique take on this knife provides a long, flat edge and a rounded tip, ideal for efficient slicing and chopping. From finely chopping herbs to handling BBQ pork, this knife meets diverse culinary needs.

Introducing a hybrid Gyuto and cleaver, with Jade G10 handle and Grosserosen Damasteel patterned blade, this one-of-a-kind knife forged by John Phillips a masterful blend of Eastern and Western styles. This knife exemplifies adaptability and performance across a spectrum of practical kitchen tasks and its blade shape is totally unique. This Hybrid Gyuto-Cleaver is a standout addition to any kitchen, bridging the gap between a traditional chef's knife and a cleaver, and is perfect for those who value precision, quality, and versatility in their culinary tools.

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