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Damasteel Drakkar Paring/Utility/Steak Knife

This one-of-a-kind exquisite artisanal knife serves as a versatile utility, paring, or steak knife with its resilient blade, compact size, and razor-sharp edge.

The perfect gift for a backcountry chef, bartender or charcuterie lover.

Crafted with the luxurious stainless Damasteel Drakkar pattern, forged into a sophisticated design and shape, complemented by the rare and exclusive Amboyna wood handle and an aged bronze bolster. John etched each blade using his proprietary processes to reveal beautiful layered steel.

It's a must-have for any culinary connoisseur or collector.
The pattern John chose for this knife is called Drakkar, and it was designed to resemble the wood panels of an ancient viking ship.

John Phillips only made four of these knives and they all have their own personality.
The price is $300 per knife.

Sale price$300.00 USD