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Founder's Damascus Chef with Claro Walnut

Sale price$500.00

Step into a world of culinary mastery with the one-of-a-kind Founder's Series knife – the Claro Bronze Damascus Chef Knife. 

Our most celebrated Primeaux Chef's knife design gets on a fresh look with a blend of new materials. This knife measures 8.5", and despite its sturdy disposition, does not feel overbearing, heavy, or awkward to handle. Characterized by swirling and intersecting supernova-like patterns, the blade is made from our new VG10 stainless Damascus steel and complemented by a Claro walnut burl handle whose grain patterns echo those of the steel blade. As a singular object, it's a testament to resilience, sharpness, and style, born from the forging of 100 layers of high-grade stainless steel. It's not just a knife – it's a visual journey through science and metallurgy.