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Bocote Damascus Mini-Cleaver

Sale price$500.00

One-of-a-kind Bocote Hand Forged Damascus Mini Cleaver with Natural Bronze Bolster by John Phillips

Price: $500

Availability: Unique Piece - Only One Available


  • Blade Length: 4.5"
  • Blade: VG10 Stainless Damascus Steel
  • Handle: Bocote Wood
  • Bolster: Natural Bronze

John Phillips started his journey in the world of knifemaking with Phillips Forged, focusing on creating exclusive, unique pieces. His path through knifemaking has been anything but straightforward, filled with deep dives into metallurgy, engineering, tackling tough challenges head-on, and learning the ropes from every misstep along the way. All these experiences have shaped him and led to the creation of Primeaux, a brand that truly reflects his hard-earned skills and genuine passion for craftsmanship.

Primeaux represents a new extension of John's knifemaking expertise, and pieces like this one-of-a-kind Bocote Damascus Mini-Cleaver are where his artistic expression truly shines. 

The handle is made from high-quality stabilized Bocote wood, displaying a deep gold color and prominent dark brown growth lines for a visually striking appearance.
The addition of a natural bronze bolster not only enhances the knife's aesthetic but also provides balance and stability during use.
For avid collectors or those looking to gift something truly special, this knife is an excellent choice. It is a unique, high-quality piece that reflects the artistry and craftsmanship of one of the most dedicated and unique knifemakers.

Seize the opportunity to own a unique culinary tool with this Bocote Damascus Mini Cleaver, crafted by the award-winning and renowned knifemaker John Phillips and available exclusively for this sale at $500. This 4.5" mini cleaver is precision-forged from VG10 stainless Damascus steel, ensuring a sharp, durable blade for your kitchen tasks.

Own a piece of John's legacy as this knife that embodies the knowledge, beauty and skill he has acquired over the years!

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