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Black Maple Chef with Natural Bronze

Sale price$600.00

Cutting edge: 8.5"
Overall Length: 13.5"
Heel Height: 2.25"
Our signature Zenith Chef's knife available with a natural bronze bolster. This bolster has a soft gold hue that pairs beautifully with our collection of Primeaux's own black maple wood. This unique material we developed right here, then put through a process of expertly milling and stabilizing in house while the blade is forged from Stainless AEB-L steel and expertly heat treated to achieve the optimal sharpness right here in our Knoxville TN studio.

Primeaux's own pinch grip bolster crafted from solid bronze, helps keep the blade balanced at the pinch grip position and  allows for comfortable and safe cutting with correct posture to help you develop great habits in your cooking adventures. Little touches like our polished "choil" and spine also help keep hot spots from being created on your hands so you have the most comfortable food prep experience. 

The AEB-L stainless steel blade is made just a bit taller at the heel than most chef's knives to help keep your hands clear of the cutting board and it's finished with an gorgeous stonewash finish that will stay looking good through years of use. 

Black Maple Chef with Natural Bronze
Black Maple Chef with Natural Bronze Sale price$600.00