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Althea Chef in Royal Purple with Purple Bolster

Grateful Dead Tribute 8.5" Chef Knife, AEBL Stainless steel blade, anodized and tumbled purple bolster, "tied-dyed" black ash handle.

We are always inspired by music, and one of John's all-time favorite bands is the Grateful Dead. As a tribute, he only has 5 unique handcrafted Grateful Dead chef knives. Each one has their own distinct personality and fascinating psychedelic patterns and colors.

Please note that John is unsure whether he will make another Grateful Dead tribute, so this might be the only chance to get one!

Thirteen pointed Grateful Dead lightning bolts sear both sides of her satin-smooth expanse of the blade, frozen in a mesmerizing ballet of⚡️⚡️⚡️. Each bolt, a flicker of Jerry Garcia's guitar magic, a jolt of inspiration to your every chop and slice.

The beautiful Black-ash burl wood handle that has been dyed to reveal an infinite galaxy of swirling color.

Feel the rhythm in your fingertips, the music in your every move. With Althea as your guide, every meal becomes a masterpiece, a testament to the Grateful Dead's enduring legacy, and the endless potential that lies within the human spirit.

Now go forth, and cook with the fire of a thousand suns!

Sale price$600.00 USD