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Damascus Petty in Blonde Amboyna

The petty knife serves as the ultimate go-to tool, perfectly bridging the gap between a chef's knife and a paring knife. Its design offers the rigidity needed to carve close to bones when breaking down beef, yet it remains agile enough for finely dicing garlic and herbs. The handle, crafted from stabilized blonde Amboyna burl, radiates a natural glow that harmonizes beautifully with the polished bronze bolster. The blade is made from VG10 steel, noted for its sawtooth pattern; the "G" in VG10 stands for "gold," underscoring the premium quality of the steel. This steel originates from a village renowned for centuries for their exceptional knives and swords, adding a layer of heritage and craftsmanship to the knife.

Blade Type: Petty
Overall Length: 11.625”
Blade Length: 6.5”
Heel Height: 1.5”
Blade Material: Damascus from VG-10 Stainless
Handle Material: Blonde Amboyna
Bolster Material: Polished Bronze

Sale price$450.00 USD