Thank you for entering our Grateful Giveaway!

Thank you for entering our Grateful Giveaway!

Hello, Friends.

We love our Primeaux Community!
We received over 300+ entries for our FIRST EVER Primeaux Zenith Chef knife giveaway earlier this month, a.k.a. The Grateful Giveaway! We were astounded to hear from you and it was a joy reading all of the entries. Thank you again for your heartfelt answers. We truly hope you enter our next Grateful Giveaway in the near future. It was such a hit that we hope to have one happen again very soon.
While we think that everyone in this community is a winner, there was one answer that prevailed and our winner is Mr. Paul Rustand. Congratulations!

"Paul Rustand is an amazing cook — who wows his family (he's a father of nine, but half have now flown the coop) every day with home cooked meals. I worked for him for eight years, and for many of those he cooked weekly meals for our entire grateful office. He is the type of small business owner who disperses all of the resources to his employees, including his own Paul-cooked meals. His wife also makes daily breakfast for the @widgetsandstone employees and could also put it to good use. I dreamt of giving him a Phillips Forged knife for years, but have never had the disposable income. I don't know anyone who would appreciate it more."

Thanks to everyone that entered! We are so grateful for you.


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