A Spooky Playlist + Some Fun Events Coming up!

A Spooky Playlist + Some Fun Events Coming up!

Damasteel Chef Invitational ONLINE Phillips Forged and Primeaux

Damasteel Chef Invitational 2022-November 12 at 3pm on Hop.in

As a guest of this unique and enjoyable event taking place on November 12. 2022 you can 'hop in' to John Phillips (and any knife maker's booth of your choosing), visit demos of knife making and knife skills, check out a live podcast, and watch live cutting, sharpening and forging demos. Each guest also has the opportunity to enter a raffle with a chance to win their very own Damasteel Damascus Chef knife. Professional chefs will be on hand preparing delicious dishes and sharing their best advice on using and detailed knife care for Damasteel® kitchen knives! 

hand knife cutting flower

Let's talk Chef Knives- Discussion on Clubhouse 11/6
Join John Phillips and Kate Wiggeringloh on 11/6 at 6pm on the Clubhouse App for a laid back talk about Chef Knife history, materials and the new Primeaux Zenith Chef Knives!
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